Serial Port sharing data with RFID card

Hi i have never coded before 3 weeks ago when i first started arduino and have learnt everything so far from youtube and this forum but i have reached a point where i cant get any further.

I am currently trying to develop a concept bulk storage conveyor. there are 6 storage treys and the idea is that you press a button and the conveyor goes around until it finds a free storage trey(stepper motor). a gate opens (servo) and then the prox sensor with traffic light system guides in the container in the storage trey so it knows when its at the back. afterwards the user is provided with a ticket (RFID card) for the container which closes the gate(servo). so far i have made this all work and on my serial monitor i have the values from 1-6 come up to represent the current storage space.

what i would like to do now is store the RFID card and the current position that is on the serial monitor in to some sort of database so that when the user comes back they can scan there card. and they can retrieve there storage trey only by scanning the card.

so basically temporarily store a variable (current pos out of 6) with the card details(UID). there will be 6 cards 1 for each position. will have to be able to store up to 6 card UID and POS for when all 6 spaces are full. I want to store the data during the 1st scan of the card. on the second scan of the card i would like it to move back to its positions stated / stored with the card and wipe the UDI and POS ready for a new card to be scanned and start again.

so can arduino read its own data that is has generated eg: POS & UID

i assume once the values are stored together some how and are readable & wipe able with a second scan the rest should be quite strait forward but i just cant get what to do with the data storage & removal step.

i have tried to print the storage number on to the card however that doesn't seam to work for me.

have had a look at useing processor or external things to store the data but from what ive seen it seams that more for visual affects.

seen some suggestions of using python but as i have never tried coding before a few weeks ago that may be to much for me unless i can guarantee this is the best method to go for.

from what i have seen for SD cards its usually for data logging such as graphs but not sure if you can read data back of the SD card.

I am sorry if this seams like a bit of a broken question please critique and i am happy to elaborate on any questions. i have tried to give as much detail as possible.

a recommendation in the right direction to follow would be great.

a recommendation in the right direction to follow would be great.

Have a look at storing and retrieving data to and from EEPROM. Values stored there will be available even after the Arduino has been powered down and restarted or reset in some other way. There are limitations on how many times you can reliably write to an EEPROM location (100,000 from memory) but that will probably not be an issue for you.

You could also store the data on an SD card and, yes, you can read it back.

Examples of the use of EEPROM and an SD card are freely available.