serial port splash screen

I'm often moving between projects and having to change serial settings.

If the serial settings were in a splash screen this would make life easier, i.e. click on Serial Settings menu item, a new window opens up with all the board and port settings, click apply, window closes.

Regards Paul

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I don't understand your proposal. Would you mind providing more details?

just clarified what I meant on the GitHub page.

Thanks. That makes sense now. This is actually similar to how the Arduino Web Editor does it, except that the window can't be left open while you do other things.

One tip you might find helpful: Normally if you have multiple sketches open in the Arduino IDE, you'll notice that when you change the board/port/etc. on one window, it automatically changes on the others too. In the event that you want to have a separate setting for each sketch, you can run multiple instances of the Arduino IDE by starting the IDE multiple times or opening the sketches by double clicking on the sketch file. Each of those instances can have its own settings and even its own Serial Monitor/Serial Plotter window. When you open sketches via File > Open, File > Examples, File > Sketchbook, those are under that IDE instance and they share the same settings. That works on Windows. I haven't gotten around to testing it on Linux yet and I don't own a Mac.

Thanks for the tip Pert

I use a Mac and just tried it, I can confirm that this doesn't work. Changing one project settings, also changes the other one.

OK, good to know. I'll make sure to add that caveat when recommending this trick to people. That's unfortunate because it really comes in handy sometimes when you are actively working on two sketches for two different boards simultaneously. It's not hugely surprising to me, since it seems like the sort of thing that is an unintentional feature rather than something Arduino planned.

There was another report today that indicates this doesn't work on Linux either: I was meaning to confirm that, but haven't gotten around to it yet.