Serial port to Text file

Is it possible to record data from serial ports to text file?

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How can I do it?
please help

What data? How much? How fast?
What have you already done?

I have got the some sensors data and I have been transmitted by using xbee pro and arduino. Also I want to store them. baud rate is 9600

Break the problem into 2 parts
-reading the serial port to get 1 value
-writing that value to the sad card using one of the sd card libraries in whatever format you need

Suggest you write the first part and check the data by printing to the serial monitor.

Can we write data on an excel sheet from arduino and read data from that sheet and process that data .

@kaustubh - It is bad form to hijack someone else's thread with an off topic question of your own.

Theoretically it is possible but there is a lot of software that would need to be written for the PC which I would expect is beyond the skills of most people. Several application-to-application communication mechanisms exist for data transfer to/from excel. An intermediate application would have to be written on Windows that uses one of these and then communicates with the Arduino. On the Arduino you would then send/receive the data using a serial port or some form of network communications.

More practical is to read and write a CSV file to an SD card and physically move the card to between PC and Arduino.