Serial Port under Tools grayed out

Just got my Arduino Uno. Installed the IDE via website (version 1.0.6). However when I went to try out code the 'Serial Por’t under ‘Tools’ is grayed out. Because of this I cannot upload any code to the Arduino. The error message I get is this:

Binary sketch size: 1,082 bytes (of a 32,256 byte maximum) Serial port ‘COM1’ not found. Did you select the right one from the Tools > Serial Port menu?

Any help would be great. Thanks

If you have no serial port you can't communicate to the Arduino.

What OS?

Post a link to where the Arduino was from, or failing that some good pictures of the actual board you have so that we can identify the chips on the board.

Are there any noises or other indications when you plug it in?

Computer runs on Windows 7. No strange noises or anything. Board lights up when connected with computer, so I would assume there is some communication between the board and computer.

Site from which I got the board.

Have you checked the guide here. In particular installing the drivers.

Exactly where I started. I don't have a 'ports' option available in my device manager.

Post a screen print of device manager with and without the Arduino plugged in.

Alright, got to the drivers finally, however the file needed to update software will not show up. I have no “arduino.inf” file, only the “FTDI USB Drivers”

Arduino Stuff.png

Re download and extract the Arduino IDE and have a look at the drivers file in there.

Uninstalled, and re-installed the IDE and there was no change. Still no "arduino.inf" file

Alright, well the 'serial port' section is now open??? Hopefully this fixed this problem.

Good, that is progress.

have the same problem but serial port is still grayed out

bocaj78: have the same problem but serial port is still grayed out

Great. So you can see a number of questions asked above to work out a solution to the problem, and thought... I'll just skip answering those?

Look back up the thread, answer the questions about what you are doing and take the steps suggested and report back with what you have, and what you have done and what the result was.

i got tripped up on post 8 do you mean re download the arduino software

Yes, the Arduino software (IDE etc) it also includes a folder for drivers.

What OS you have and where you got your board from are also important. It helps identify the chip that is on it.

Interesting to see ... Thanks