Serial.print(13, BYTE); equivalent command in Arduino 1.0

Serial.print(13, BYTE);

when i write the following instruction i get a compile error message saying that BYTE is no longer supported what is the equivalent instruction to use in Arduino 1.0

The error I get is...

As of Arduino 1.0, the 'BYTE' keyword is no longer supported. Please use Serial.write() instead.

so the compiler actually tells you what to use.

Also, reading the release notes

  • The behavior of Serial.print() on a byte has been changed to align it with the other numeric data types. In particular, it will now print the digits of its argument as separate ASCII digits (e.g. '1', '2', '3') rather than a single byte. The BYTE keyword has been removed. To send a single byte of data, use Serial.write() (which is present in Arduino 0022 as well).

You can use




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