Serial.println not working inside library

Hi, I am using a websockets library on esp8266 using espArduino. The code runs fine, but inside the library no Serial.println works. The library has got its own marcos as debug switch, but after enabling the switch no serail output comes in the console. Later I replaced all macro with direct Serial call, but it also does not work. But the Serial works in all my ino and classes that access the library. The Library is taken from Inside webSockets.h header the following macros are defined:

//#define DEBUG_WEBSOCKETS(...) os_printf( __VA_ARGS__ )
//#define DEBUG_WEBSOCKETS(...) Serial.printf(__VA_ARGS__)


It is assumed that either of commented macros while uncommented should work properly. Throughout the code it is used, but nothing gets printed in console.

Can I seek some assistance here?

Thanks, Debojit

Can I seek some assistance here?

After you post your code, yes.

An update: I tested the library with its example. In that case the debug logs from the library came. Later again I uploaded my original program then it started working. Its pretty strange!

Uploading without code, that's what I call strange ;)