Serial processing application

Hi Everyone...

I am trying to build a very inexpensive device that will accept serial data via RS232 on a standard DB9 connector, do some processing on it and then write serial data back over the same port. After much Googling and reading I found the "MAXSerial" board, but it seems that this board is no longer in production.

This board seems nice because it had the DB9 connector and RS232 converter chip built right on to it. Also, it had a 3.3 volt regulator and seemed that it would accept 12VDC as a power source, which I woudl like to supply from a standard car battery.

Is there a similar board available, ideally with a case to house it?

Thanks very much...

Arduino boards with built in RS-232 connector version are kind of scarce these days. However one outfit still sells a kit version if you can solder. I built one and it only took about an hour to assemble and worked right off the bat. Nice price too. It doesn't come with a 3.3v regulator, but has the holes to mount one if you require one.


That's a hige help, thank you!

One more question... What is the 3.3 volt regulator used for? At first I thought it was what fed power to the CPU but apparently it's optional?