Serial Programming


I need a code which receives the serial data and convert it, into parallel data...

Plz Help me Asap :(

Regards, Zee

Receiving serial data is a simple matter of calling

Converting that to parallel data depends on what hardware the parallel data is for, how much serial data needs to be converted to parallel data, and how the parallel data is to be used.

You have left out a lot of details.

thanks but we need to convert that serial data into 8-bit parallel data so please tell me...after the command, where the data is saved... n how to use that data?

after the command, where the data is saved

Did you bother looking at the command? Have you never used the Serial class?

I think that you need to get out of the pool, and go around to the shallow end.

Strictly speaking, after coming in on the serial line, it already is parallel data, stored in eight bit wide memory, but as PaulS has pointed out, you’ve missed telling us a whole lot of detail.

Did you follow-up on the suggestion here,69940.msg518293.html#msg518293 ?