serial proxy affected by arduino IDE on Linux

So I have this strange problem, I am using serial proxy to connect flash and the arduino on ubuntu|fiesty fawn. At some point in the last few days things stopped working correctly (no new updates, truth is the only thing new I have done that I can think of is run the arduino IDE). Serial proxy is set to load on startup, then the flash file is loaded into a browser window, flash file shows a connection is made to the serial proxy but doesnt receive any data. If I start the arduino IDE and open the serial monitor, data comes through ......... then ...... if I close the IDE and reopen the flash file, voila everything works. So its as if something is altered when the serial monitor is activated.

The machine this project is running on is from a public terminal provider (the project is for an exhibition at a museum) and the guy from the computer company, who has been helping me is very knowledgeable of the OS, we spent hours yesterday digging in deep and couldnt figure out exactly what was happening, his latest suggest is that I look in the arduino IDE source to find out whats happening when we turn the serial monitor on and we will either add that functionality to the serial proxy or write a little java app to run on startup after the serial proxy. I am hoping somebody here might already have some intimate knowledge of the source or some other insight that might help, explain what might have happened.


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Sorry Phil, Do you say this because you dont find the issue relevant to the two areas of the forum I posted the question on, or is this a forum etiquette issue. In the future, its more helpful for a newer user to receive an explanation and not just an instruction. Thanks


or is this a forum etiquette issue.

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In the future, its more helpful for a newer user to receive an explanation and not just an instruction.

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