serial questions... ir remote?

ok, so here's the basic idea...

infrared remote control via arduino

the standard frequency is 36000 hertz

I need to send control codes made up of ascii values like"

¬ã; Ë" AKA ['RS', 'ETX', 'ETX', 'SOH', '¬', 'ã', ';', SOH, 'Ë']

I figured I could use the serial output and set the baud rate to the frequency...

How would I go about this? Is there a better way?

The output signal of a conventional ir remote receiver chip is not, in general, a serial port signal so you can't conect it to arduino serial port.

You should use timer interrupt service routine o external INT0. See an example at

Sorry, it's written in spanish, try "Automatic Translatioin To English" I hope this will help you.

Hello Javg.

I tryied find your URL, but the link is broken. Can you please tell me how can use a timer interrupt service (in English or Spanish) using Arduino?

Thanks. ;)

Daniel Abib

Hey Daniel,

try this one:

if it doesnt work you can go to:

and there you can spot the link...

Good luck!