I am currently sending an array from Supercollider to Arduino.
My problem is on the Arduino code side, I am struggling as I am not familiar with the language.
Basically, I want to read the data, from SuperCollider, in Arduino as an Array, and then isolate each number from that Array and assign them to variables.

Can some one please help me or point me in the right direction

-Robyn :-/

Please don't post the same thing twice in two different locations.

Not sure how large an array of variables you wish to address, but MRMP allows up to 99 elements... byte, integer and long. I have used MRMP to build several projects since I developed the protocol last year. It has proven to be very robust and flexible.

Sorry Mike Mc, thought it may fall into both categories, but now i know for next time :)

Thanks George, I will take a look at the tutorials now.