is reading values that are unintentionally sent

When I use and with the serial monitor send over the character £ it for some reason picks up £.

I have no idea why it picks up the extra  and how I can avoid it. I guess that it is something to do with that £ is not in the ASCII table between 0-127.

I don't want to write some code just to extract that character as that seems wrong and they might genuinely input the  character.

NOTE: I just did  as and input and it was preceded with ? ?????character 130


Can we see the code that you are using to read and display the input ?


I think I know what you are saying but could I trouble you and ask that you explain further please.

From what you have written I understand that the serial monitor is at fault as it uses different encodeing it is sending « £ » rather than just £?

Is this correct?


Thanks very much this is much appreciated as I fully understand the issue now, however, is their a solution to interpreting if the user meant the send « £ » as opposed to unwittingly sending « £ » or am I meant to assume they are. I really just want access to the major characters on a keyboard. I guess I could strip it out the  but really I don't want to have to look for this