--> Serial.print()

I'm trying to find out how to take input from and then print it on my SerLCD with Serial.print(). I know how to get the LCD to work, so that's no problem. The thing that I'm having trouble on is receiving a string (I'm using a char array) and then printing it back. I've gotten far enough so that I can print a letter, clear the screen, and then print the next letter. The clearing of the screen is necessary, because otherwise the screen is filled with blank characters. What I need is a way to check to see if what is read through isn't just garbage, but everything I've tried has failed. I'm just starting out with the Arduino, and I just need some help getting the hang of it. Thanks.


did you look in the playground wiki? there are lots of example tutorials in there for LCD's.


As I said in the first post, I know how to use the LCD itself. No worries, however, because I found a simple solution:

while (Serial.available() > 0){
    charArray[30] =;