Serial SPI - 2.2" TFT LCD

Hey Guys,

I have ordered the following TFT LCD from ebay.


I have assumed it's a same as this one: But according the pin labels it's not.

It seems to be a normal ILI9341, however I can't figure out the correct wiring I should use. The adafruit library uses the following connections

define _cs 10

define _dc 9

define _rst 8


I tried to connect My Arduino Yun ICSP connection to LCD Pins as follow: MISO -> SDI? MOSI -> RS? SCK -> CLK

Digital ports to: D9 -> ? This should be D/C but no such thing on lcd. D8 -> RST D10 -> CS

I have no idea where D/C should connect to on the LCD as there is no such pin. Also I'm absolutely no sure about MISO MOSI if that should connect to SDI and RS.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks: Peter

I’ve seen those boards listed with having an ILI9225 driver.
Check out this post.

You are right! Thank you. It's an ILI9225.

For the record and for someone with the same issue:

I have got this library working:

But the best library I found is UTFT Library from

This library has a lot of features like converting and displaying bitmaps.

However the latest version doesn't support ILI9225 anymore, apparently. I share an older version that worked for me:

The way I got it working is by opening Example -> UTFT -> Arduino -> UTFT_DEMO_220x176_Serial

use: UTFT myGLCD(ILI9225,11,10,9,12,8 );

And the wiring should be the following: D8 -> RS D9 -> CS D10 -> CLK D11 -> SDI D12 -> RST

Led to 5V GND -> GND 5V -> VCC