Serial terminal in Linux

I've been using 'screen' as my serial monitor in Linux (for other serial devices). However, whenever I close out the terminal window, I cannot reaccess the serial device as it reports the resource or device as busy. Is there a way for me to free up the serial session so I can reconnect it without having to reset the device? Or is there a better serial utility to use?

Why don't you use the serial monitor of arduino. At least that one closes the serial connection when you try to upload? Best regards Jantje

I never thought of that. However, it doesn't work quite as well for devices that just constantly output a serial without any kind of character breaks (usb sensors, for example, that simply write the value out).

Is there a way to get it to constantly replace the text in the serial monitor, like screen or hyperterminal does?

I don't know of any serial monitors that do so. I use a scope like serial monitor for that. Best regards Jantje

Screen is designed so that you can open up the same instance from different terminals so you can keep your session going through ssh or all the ttys at once. Thus, when you close your terminal screen doesn't actually close. You should exit out of screen normally by pressing ctrl+a k and then y

or use minicom