Serial to midi conversion. How does it work?

HI, i'm a 19 boy, i'm currently attending the last year in a technic istitute in italy. We were asked to think about a project to submit during our oral exam at the end of the year, so i built a MIDI controller based on an Arduino UNO. I almost ultimated the software and it works really well, and i'm also working on the hardware. I'm also writing a kind of thesis, and there's the point: the controller works with an external software witch converts serial data to MIDI data, so I need to write something in the thesis about the work done by the converter, but how does this software exactly work?

but how does this software exactly work?

We can't see your code, so we have no idea what the external software gets as input.

We can't see your computer, so we have no idea what external software you are using.

And, yet you want us to tell you how that software transforms your data into midi data. I don't theenk so.

In that section of your theses, just draw a box, and label it "And, then the magic happens here".