Serial to web page - suggestions?

Hi, I am using a windows program that handles input/output from/to the Serial of a Nano and it is all going fine. But, I'd like to be able to push the Serial data to a local (home network wifi) web-page as well. The Nano already has a nRF24L for communication to another Nano.

Is the only option going to be to buy a Uno + Ethernet shield?


Is there some way of using the Nano and nRF24L?

I have tried using ESP8266, but it doesn't play well with the nRF24L and is also a bit flaky at times, needing a regular daily reboot.

Some pointers to example code would be a great help if it is the latter. :)


I'm using a. ESP-01, an ESP-07 with External antenna and an ESP-12 to capture various data in my garden - connected to my home wifi -and powered by LiPo battery+solar charger and reporting some data every 15 seconds for the busiest one, 24/7 to my web site and I have no issue whatsoever.

Not sure about your reboot thing - I drive the exceptions and soft reset the unit if needed but logs do not show that happening...

I have an ESP unit just as an serial extension of a nano and the 2 others just flashed to run directly from arguing IDE - and all is fine. They have been running for the past 4 months untouched - ticking like a clock.

JML, maybe it was the four 8266 I tried, but I found them flaky at best. half the time I could not get the firmware to load or run correctly. Anyway, moot point as I finally went with the nRF24L and the network approach.

I have 17 nodes running with nRF24 working well and, more importantly the distance of the PM+SMA versions is great for building to building so I am happy to stay with the nRF24. The minor downside is the network Octal numbering system, but liveable around. :).

I found a CC3000 board I bought a long time back but not sure if it can be a wifi-AP. Doing some research right now, but so far, it looks like mutual pin conflicts with the nRF24.

I updated my ESP with the latest firmware at the time, so may be that helped,

Nothing wrong with nRF24, you indeed get a long range out of those.

For posting to wifi you will need indeed something talking TCP/IP and thus ESP8266 or Ethernet shield. I have not tried a combination of nRF24 and ESP8266 but indeed could understand possible air wave congestion as they both speak in the 2.4Ghz band. May be having nRF off when ESP talks and the reverse will ensure there is no interference?

Thanks and sorry for the delay in getting back here. I have been messing with the ESP again, where did you get the latest firmware and what did you use to upload it?

I got FW from the Espresso site but it will not load using their uploader, it works away for a whil then declares "upload failed." That site is mostly in Asian language so not a great deal of help as I am guessing a lot. :)

I need the nRF24 and ESP to run concurrently, but until I can get an ESP working I will not know if there are conflicts. I seem to recall the last time (12-months or more) I toyed with them I uploaded Lua. Might be the problem.

SalineSolution: I have been messing with the ESP again, where did you get the latest firmware and what did you use to upload it?

Using a Terminal program - CuteCom on LinuxMint - and a USB-to-TTL adapter cable, I was able to do an OTA update of the firmware.

I have an ESP-01.

Will the windows PC be used in your project or are you getting rid of it and go down the ethernet or WiFi route?

On Windows, you can easily call curl to send data out.