serial transfer to embroidery machine

I work for a small embroidery company and we have our embroidery machines downstairs and the computer that makes the files for it upstairs. I was wondering if it was possible to take the data exported from the application send it via bluetooth where the arduino transfers it via rs232 to the machines. i wanted to know before i start trying to build it and get frustrated because it doesn't work.

The Arduino can almost certainly do what you want, though it might not be your best choice.

How much data do you need to transfer, and to how many machines?

two machines the size varies, right now we are running off floppies (i'm an intern and it made me cringe. my boss buys them in bulk when he can find them), so less than 1.44 mb of course. they are Barudan BEVY-Z1508C, he is looking at purchasing a solution for like 500 dollars but i said one could probably be built for less. the serial r232 would be for just transferring designs

now that i think about it what would be my best choice?

I would think there is many different options you have at your fingertips. We should probably know more information only.

If only control 1 device with another device, then simple. < $50

If you want a device to record/buffer from anothe devide, then you will spend more.

Not sure about the distance, but you could use a UDS device. That’s why I use. Serial encapsulated via TCP IP. Kind of like sendial serial to LCD devices. So, you can have a computer or simply a sdram logging the data.

Can you be more clear

Why are thumbdrives not the answer?

How are the floppies being "fed into" the sewing machines at the moment? Do they have built in floppy drives? Serial ports? Or does each have a small pc that "feeds" it? Windows? Mac? Linux?

Do you/ could you have a LAN between the computer room and the sewing room?

We need to know answers to things like the following to advise on a "good" solution...

Why is the boss buying floppies? Just to cover disks wearing out? With just two sewing machines, if the floppies are just for sneakernet, a box of 10 "will do" for weeks, won't it, even allowing for holding a pattern for a while to see if more shirts or whatever are wanted? In any case, how hard is it to re-fill from the "big" computer upstairs?

okay basicly they both have built in floppy drives, and one has a compact flash slot, however it is only up to 1 gig(alot of storage for the files however if only one has it it's not worth it) we could probably do ethernet however i would prefer wireless. it can be fed by a pc however the one pc with software capable is a desktop that is owned by one of the people upstairs.

each floppy holds one design at a time, so we have filing cabinets full of them all full. and every time we get a new customer we then have more floppies going into the cabinets. each time we need to pull up a job we have to dig through hundreds of floppies reading the labels.

each machine has a small pc built in that is pretty much an overgrown microprocessor. however the memory is a little on the small side and you can select the image from there. if we could upoad to the machne directly it would save us alot of time.

a lan would be easy considering we have three computers down there that are on the network.

Since it’s only two machines, and you already have networked PCs nearby, my suggestion is to look into software that allows sharing serial ports over the network. I’m pretty sure, but not certain, that you can get that cheap/free for Windoze. Then you can just hang a couple of cheap USB-to-serial converters off one of the “downstairs” PCs, and use it as a “peripheral” to download from the one that has all the patterns and software on it.