Serial USB adaptor data over Bluetooth


I have a device that utilizes an integrated "USB to Serial" adapter to connect to a laptop for communication/logging over a USB serial port. The device is an OBD1 Data Logger that attaches to the ECM of my vehicle and transmits data over the USB Serial connection(generic USB cable...).

I would like to eliminate the USB cable altogether and send the signal from the ECM to the laptop over an HC-05/6 Bluetooth module and log/tune from outside the vehicle.

The module has a USB type B female port that does not supply any power(will have to power externally...) but transmits over the Data+ and Data- pins.

Since the HC-06 operates in much the same way as the on-board USB to Serial converter, is there a way to intercept the existing data and send it to the serial port the laptop Bluetooth to HC-06 has established?

In a nutshell, I would like to establish a connection over my laptop bluetooth to an existing USB to Serial converter.

Hoping I described my dilemma appropriately...


Note to add...

Once I can establish connectivity, I would like to tie it into my duino data logger gauge device I am developing.