Serial1,2,3 buffer and speed

I have Serial1,2 of Mega enabled at 9600, connecting to a bluetooth HC-05.

When I cycle the incoming signal at one second on the transmission end, the receiving data arrives fine.

But when I transmit the data any faster, the receiving data becomes a stream. I need to be able to process each data and feedback to the transmitter at each incoming data. If I process a stream, then the feedback will be delayed and non-consequential.

What can I do, to speed up the incoming at half a second, yet still receives a single command at a time.

Not sure I said it clear enough.

Thank you in advance.


Not sure I said it clear enough.

Afraid not :slight_smile:

You need to tell us what data is being sent - post an example, and what is sending the data.

Also post your program.

Serial Input Basics - simple reliable ways to receive data.

Can you increase the baud rate, that would give you more time to processes the incoming data. If possible post your entire sketch, there may be something in the code slowing it down.