SerialIP library - network access without shields

Hi there, I hadnt seen slip since about 1992.. yes it works like a charm hooked up to debian 5.0(under vmware fusion/OSX).

hmm I am currently looking at wrappering the telnetd/shell example to arduino and replacing the shell with bitlash( and running the result on either sanguino(644P) or arduino Mega 1280P. Still looking at uip sources at this point and talking to the author of bitlash about possible attachment points/glue code.


well in the example the setup is for linux but i'm using xp.

I did a google for slip and cygwin and came up with a few hits. I suspect there might be a way to support this on MS Windows via cygwin. Since I only boot windows once a year to do my taxes I'm not very interested in pursuing it, but I just thought I'd suggest a possible method of getting it working on MS systems.


Going back in time, for windows machines the old DUN 1.3 (dial up networking, below) might still work. Back in the day I ran the netmeeting video conference application between two windows machines using a parallel port data cable. I think it also had the option to run over the serial port. It had an option to connect the parallel port connected computer to the internet thru the main computer somewhat similar to the MS ICS setup.

Update, DUN 1.3 will only load on windows 95. I did some quick looking and some of the same features appear to exist on XP. Go to start > settings > network connections > new network wizard. Start the new connection wizard and select setup advanced connection. Then select connect allow incomming connections. An "incomming" setup will appear in the network connections. Then look at setting up ICS in the advanced setup of the LAN connections.