serialUSB issue on mac.

I'm working on a project where I want to avoid the reset every time I open the serial port on the computer, I read somewhere about a capacitor between 3.3v and reset pin, I'd like to avoid that solution, I tried using serialUSB to comunicate to the computer trough the native port but I can't figure out why if I list the serial ports when connected to the native USB port my computer doesnt see the Arduino as a port. I tried to list all ports in my application but it doesnt show. It works fine if I connect instead to the programming port. Also tried with Serial Monitors, I think I'm missing something but have been searching the forum and didn't come out with an answer, do I need a driver or something ? My understanding is that the mac should recognize the port, and in fact it does recognize the programming port but not the native port.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I read in this forum about a similar issue but with Windows, the user said he tried a different USB cable and it worked, what should I look for if I want to order a new cable ? I thought all USB cables were the same...