Serious Cable management issue

Hi there,

Please ignore my very messy desk but as you can see below I'm building an insole with 16 pressure sensors.

My plan was to use them whilst running however considering the current state of the wiring I can't see it lasting long enough.

Can someone please point me in the right direction to get this thing correctly wired?

Thanks in advance, Charles

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Please add the image as an attachment.


I remember seeing the same type of setup from one of the big shoe companies a few years ago while in Boston (I believe it was New Balance)... They used very small gauge wire from each sensor. They also ran the wires to the nearest edge of the pad and ran the wires around the outer edge instead of under the pad.

You may also want to add another thin layer of foam padding under the sensor pad. You don't want the wires being crushed into sole of the shoe from the force of your foot hitting the ground.

I never did that myself, but I could imagine that you'll be best off with a flexible printed circuit (FPC), instead of cables. Other components (pre-amplifiers...) can be mounted on a FPC as well, to e.g. increase noise immunity of the circuit, but I doubt that this will be practical on an insole.

@dlabun I forgot to mention but you're right the insole in the picture will actually go above to wires to stop them from being crushed.

@DrDiettrich That would be ideal, unfortunately, I have no experience designing PCBs. Do you know of a fairly easy way? Additionally, considering the sensors cannot be soldered I can't think of a way to attach them to the PCB.

The connectors (SMD types) for the sensors can be soldered to the FPC. The connectors also allow to exchange broken sensors or foils easily.

I made my last PCB 40 years ago, painted by hand and etched it myself. Quite a dirty job, my mother was "not amused" ;-) This may be possible still today. Larger quantities by direct photo transfer. onto copper coated foil/board with photoresist, should be still available. Or contact a commercial PCB producer, what kind of masters will be accepted, and what's the best material for your project. EAGLE is a popular tool for PCB design, it can output layout files in several widely accepted formats.