Serious coding issue.

THE OBJECTIVE: Make 4 clockwise revolutions at slow speed and stop, later an external switch reactivates the program and it will now make 4 revolutions in a counter clockwise direction and stop.

I have tried many different ways of solving what I thought should be something with a simple solution.
I have tried Steppers, Angular Servos and continues rotate Servos and have not been successful. If anybody has a way of accomplishing this I would love to hear from you. Thanks for any response. ZIGGY

Snark follows:
Stand on one foot and spin around four times, then click you heels…

Read the post of how to use this forum. We have absolutely no idea what you are rotating, and yes, it should be pretty straightforward. And it probably is.

We can help if you provide the slightest clue what you are trying to do.

Hi Steve
Thank you for replying and I am sorry for not having pointed out that I want to rotate the shaft on a motor.

Are you able to make any of the Steppers, Angular Servos and continues rotate Servos you mentioned (I had no trouble knowing what you referred to) work at all?

Really, read the Read Before Posting thread (just 1st post) so you know how to use code tags and Post Your Code so we can at least see what you have. Also tell if this code is what you are comfortable writing or if it is copied from somewhere and you don't understand what it does so that we can pitch answers you may be able to use.

Hi Steve
Thank you for replying and I am sorry for not having pointed out that I want to rotate the shaft on a motor.

I think we all gathered that, what we don’t know is what is on the shaft of this motor and why you want to do it. A stepping motor is a perfect good way of doing this but the other two methods are not.

We also don’t know why you want to do this so that would be good to know.

It really sounds like a reasonably simple project, but like everything, the devil is in the detail.
Mass, torque, speed of motor vs speed of target, power source, speed ramping... all these are important.

You can use any of the motors you list - if they address the elements above.

Perhaps a drawing of your intended appliction, maybe some of your existing code, and an explanation of what is achieved with this motion.
Four revolutions is great, but after a while may be pointless if there is no positional reference or calibration before starting...

Well I'd probably use a Sail Winch servo because that's what I'm used to. E.g. Up to 6 full rotations with complete positional control and easy to drive with the standard Servo library.

But if it will meet your other unstated requirements is anyone's guess.


Power, torque, momentum... would you turn a dial or screw jack kind of thing?