Seriously what is Atmel's problem???

I need to buy 160 Atmega168-20PU and Mouser, Digikey and Sparkfun are all out of stock. It is ridiculous ... this is not the first time this has happened either.

They also announced the new 6pin ATiny series in November and still have not made anything available.

I can't imagine how much money they have lost with their poor ability to keep up with product demand.

Can you buy directly from Atmel?

The 168 is apparently being phased out and replaced by the 168PA; I suspect the transition is messing with things. Mouser has some of those:

What's the difference between the two? What does the A in PA stand for?

Factory lead time is listed as 16weeks. It looks to me like they are rotating production on limited lines.

This seems to be due to the economic collapse, remember theres no inventory anymore, its all premised on ‘just in time’ delivery…cool huh?
(caveat: this may be for the US only, since a) the usa does not manufacture much electronics, and b) IF, big IF, the reports of Chinas exports are true, they are using up all the supplies…again IF true. All of Asia is likely higher priority than USA).

328s are out too, but it ‘appears’ that the real production-to-delivery is about 4 weeks, as mouser lists 5 small shipments about 4weeks apart.

EDIT: I was right, search for a vendor out of HongKong, they have tons of them.


How many thousand do you need?

What's the difference between the two? What does the A in PA stand for?

Don't know. "A" is a frequent "sequence number" sort of thing tacked on to a chip number when minor changes are made due to (for example) a new, smaller, chip geometry and size. Some of the Microchip pics are up to "C", I think. Frequently there are supposed to not be any customer-visible changes. OTOH, sometimes there are. I haven't looked carefully at what Atmel claims...

::) Should i start hoarding? ;)

Cheers, Pracas

Should i start hoarding?

Yep, better start. I just bought two 328 w/bootloader from SparkFun and see that their down to 40 in stock.

Will 2010 be the year of the great run on Arduino chips. 2008, year of the credit default swaps speculation, 2010, year of the great AVR chip hoarding/speculators. ::)


Looks like there are still plenty available from eBay sellers in Thailand.

Quantity: 858 Available