SerLCD library is not working

Hello, I am trying to use the library for the sparkfun serial LCD display located at: When I try to compile the sketch I get this error: C:\Users\bgsneeze\Documents\Arduino\libraries\serLCD/serLCD.h:31:28: error: SoftwareSerial.h: No such file or directory. I am using Arduino 1.0

The Arduino distribution does not contain any kind of software serial library.

Be aware that there are no standards for serial communications with LCD modules. This means that you will first have to come up with a library that is designed to work with your particular LCD module and you will then have to install the library in the proper location.


In arduino 1.0 there is a SoftwareSerial library. It is basically a slightly changed version of NewSoftSerial library. SoftwareSerial is located in the arduino libraries folder.

I'm sorry. I meant there was no serial LCD library. My other comments still apply.

If it can't find SoftwareSerial.h then there are some different issues. It may have something to do with the relative locations of the serLCD library and the SoftwareSerial library.

The old 'SoftwareSerial' has been replaced by 'NewSoftSerial' which has been renamed 'SoftwareSerial. If that doesn't confuse everyone then I don't know what will.