serproxy crashes

Hello everybody,

Hi everyone,

I tried this in a different forum thread. But this one is more related.

Anyway to the problem at hand, I have serproxy up and running with as3glue and firmdata and everything seems fine.

However, it seems that after the serproxy thread has been running for a while, it seems to exit the thread all on its own. I suppose it could be as3glue, but it does look like serproxy is just closing/crashing after time. I should probably do more testing on my end too, but I thought I'd throw the question out there in case anyone else has had issues with serproxy exiting without the swf movie closing when running it for extended periods. Is serproxy resource intensive? I'm running on limited ram on a somewhat archaic laptop (flash is a hog 2).



look in the configuration file, there is a "timeout" parameter. if there is no activity for x amount of seconds it disconnects.

the default value is 300, you might want to expand it a bit or wait until I release the new version where the timeout can be disabled


Thanks for the prompt reply Massimo!

Your program is wicked. I'll take a look at the config file. Looking forward to your next release!

Cheers, cyberal