Servo A0090 question

So I have two A0090 servos. Each one is connected to it's own shaft. Now one(main servo) moves a shaft, laser, 2nd A0090, 2 ultrasonic sensors and one thin steel wire. Also it has a pully reduction by 1.5 and I don't want to push it so that the gears inside the servo break but it needs to rotate pretty fast at the same time. Does anybody know how fast should I make it turn?

You are the only one that can answer that question since you are the only one that knows what the servo and the parts attached to it are supposed to do.

Never seen an A0090 servo. Any link to it's specification?

It sounds like a basic 9g servo roughly equivalent to an SG90. If so it will go just as fast as it feels like. There's no speed control mechanism in a basic servo. You can move it in little steps with gaps between them but that doesn't really save the gears.


There is a VarSpeedServo library that will allow one to control both the position and speed of a (hobby) servo.

But VarSpeedServo is just a more convenient way of doing the Sweep-style stepping technique.


I agree. I just though it worth mentioning.

Well it's basically the same like an SG90.

Thanks for the responce.

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