Servo and NewSoftSerial

I've gotten my project almost done except for getting my servo to work.

I'm using Arduino 17 with NewSoftSerial 9 and Servo. I've read in a bunch of different places that I should just copy the Servo library from Arduino 16, but when I do this the servo doesn't move at all.

The servo is currently moving very sporadically. Is there any other way to fix this?

A servo will only work if connected to pin 9 or 10 if using the 0016 library. Try testing the servo using one of the example sketches (the old and new libraries are compatable so the servo sketches provided with 0018 will work with the 0016 servo library)

if the servo does not work with the example sketches, you may need to provdide an external power source for the servo. A search should turn up more information on how to do this if needed.