Servo bicopter help

Hello i am builind a bicopter from scratch

I have everything in place but i am having a hars time with the servos ans the motor mounts attached to them

I am using sg90 micro servoc but i think they are a bit unstable which make the bicopter itself unstable.

I am checking the sg1050

Do you guys thinks this is a good idea or do you think i have a different problem

Attached you will find photos of the bicopter

Since we don't know what it's actually doing or how you are driving anything or how you are powering it or how good or bad your code is, any problems you're having could be caused by anything.

All I can say it that it does look like a bit much to ask of SG90 servos, which are not the most powerful or accurate. But I've never heard of an SH1050 so can't say if that would be better.

It looks like the kind of area where I'd be using a good quality micro digital servo, maybe something like a Hitec 5085MG though there are plenty of others.


Sorry for the lack of info my mistake attached you will find my code(any suggestion is welcome there also)

I was checking the mg90 servo as an option. I live in argentina and there are not a lot of offers of servos here.

Thanks for your answers!!!

bicopter.ino (9.2 KB)

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You will have to be aware that mounting the motors directly on the servo means that you are loading the servo spindle bearing/bush up unevenly.
This is because you are transmitting the lifting force through the spindle of the servo.

Also anytime you want to move the servo you will be battling gyroscopic as well as aerodynamic forces.

You need to mount the servos so they do not have to support the lift of the motors like you have done.

Also you do not need all of the 0 to 180 deg of servo rotation directly on the motor.
You can use a lever system between the motor and the servo to reduce the motor movement angle yet amplify the servo output torque.

Have you checked where you CofG is?

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Tom thanks forma the advice. Totally makes Sense.

I am trying to build a good motor mount with muy 3d printer but haven't succeded Yet.

Can You give me another reference regarding cofg because i could't find it on google.

In any case i think i should buy a better servo like the one i shared on the other post.

Thanks in Advance,

Google center of gravity bicopter

Quite a few references, including YouTube demonstrations.

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