Servo cable's length

Hi, my name is Nick.
I’m building an aquarium controller for my aquarium. Everything is complete and working without a problem. The only thing that remains to do is to attach the pH controller kit and the automatic fish feeder. I would like to ask the following : what is the maximum length for the cables iot to use a Servo? The length between the controller and the place I will attach the feeder is about 80 cm. Is that a problem or not?
Many thanks in advance for any reply.
Regards Nick

It depends on the wire you use and the amount of current drawn by the servo, giving a voltage drop across the wire.

80cm is not long. Basically any wire will work with almost any servo.

I've used three of the four wires in cat3 telephone wire to operate a servo at 10'-12' feet from the controller. Note that typical servos operate much better at 6v than 5v.

I was also thinking of using wires of a cat5 network cable. Do you think it will eork or it's too thick?

Unless you’re designing an aircraft, there’s no such thing as “too thick.” If Cat3 works at 10ft, then Cat5 will work at 3ft.