servo code interfering with second potentiometer

I’m sure it’s a simple fix or else I would have seen this all over the place. I basically chopped and pasted the first servor project and the first h-bridge projects together but my motor only reacts to “wide open” on the potentiometer.

I’ve narrowed it down to the following bits of code:

Servo myServo;



When I DONT include these, I dont have any problems adjusting the motor speed with the associated potentiometer. When I DO, it only gives me “wide open throttle”

is there something in this library that I’m not understanding? Thanks for the help guys


Read the documentation for the Servo library carefully. The servo library takes over use of a hardware timer which the Arduino runtime uses to provide PWM output on certain pins. As a result, using the Servo library disables PWM output on the affected pins - even if you have not attached a servo to those pins. Unfortunately the affected pins are ones that some motor driver shields use for PWM speed control.