Servo control on serial monitor

Hi, I would like to control my servo; on and off using serial monitor. The servo should rotate to and fro continuously if I press 'a' it should go on and should turn off if I press 'b'. When I execute the code it only runs once and then stops. Please help me with this.

Many thanks

What code?

#include <Servo.h>
Servo myservo;
int pos = 0;
int a=0;
int incomingByte=0;
void setup()
Serial.print("ready ");

void loop()
{ if (Serial.available() > 0)
{ incomingByte =;

for(pos = 0; pos <= 90; pos += 1) 
for(pos = 90; pos>=0; pos -=1)     


Why test it?
What other value could it have?

Why not test the character you just received?

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Sorry I didn't understand you

You've just set the variable 'a' to 1.
And then you test it, to see if it equals 1.


I am a noob so you will see some logical mistakes :smile:

I'd turn the code around.
Lose the for loops, and make the servo movement conditional on a single Boolean which is set true if you receive 'a' and false if you receive 'b'.

So is it like, Use an if condition?

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