Servo controlled XBEE

hi there,

does anyone know if a servo could be controlled directly from a xbee device (using its output pins) - without an additional controller (like arduino) ??

ok then - i'd like to know if i could use the digital outputs of a XBEE device (e.g., as PWM to control a standard RC servo (e.g., ?

No. Xbee and similar high-end wireless equipment speaks serial (RS232) protocol, but little hobby servos want a PWM input. It might be possible to find a newer "digital" servo that takes serial vs PWM for input. Or you can use a simpler RF technology that simply takes the transmitter input waveform and reproduces it at the receiving end. That is how traditional R/C model aircraft, etc. work. They simply use the raw PWM signal and transmit it to the far end.

Well the xbees do have some fancy i/o functions too if you read up on them but I doubt they can do fast enough pulses to control a servo. Mind you, I have no idea how to use the xbee's i/o functionality. ;D

You might be able to find some chip that can output the pulses for you but is not as expensive/ott as an arduino.

Xbee and similar high-end wireless equipment speaks serial (RS232) protocol

Umm, isn't it TTL 3.3v? ;)


you can find some serial servo controllers here: then you can hookup your servo to one of these guys, and your xbee to the serial input. so you can control servos over net.

TTL is 5V, not 3.3V

Ok yeah but RS232 is 12V... ;)