Servo Datasheet


I am running 2 servos with the PWM but they tremble a lot in steady state, and some commands make them go crazy when I use the PWM with the ServoTimer1 from the Playground. I think is because the pulses do not exactly match, but I cannot find the datasheet for the servos.

In the servo sticker it prints Mpi MX-400 MAXX products, I googled it and got no meaningfull answer.

Any help is welcome


Did you try asking/contacting the manufacturer?

This doc:

Says this:

The MX-400 servo is distributed by Maxx Products, Inc. and resold through Acroname, Inc. (4894 Sterling Drive, Boulder CO, 80301-2350, phone: 720-564-0373) via their website (

the website has no info about the MX-400, but try to e-mail them too.