Servo driver/reader with atmega 168/328

i want to coomunicate with phones that have TX, RX,RTS & CTS lines. the tx and rx pins i know where to connect, but i do not know what to do with the rts and cts lines and which pins to connect them to


Basically the Arduino does not use these lines so they have no effect in handshaking. So from the arduino's point of view do nothing with these signals.

However you might have to connect then to fixed logic levels in order to make the phone transmit and receive data. See:-

it seems like i need to do something with these lines in order to establish contact with the phone. All phones as far as i know uses 5V logic on the serial port

Try connecting them together. (RTS and CTS)

short-cicuiting them (rts-cts) could bring some data loss problems, souldn't it?
what baud rate do you have?
i know there's a buffer, but i don't know if it's large enough.

let me know, i'm the same problem with a zigbee module... :wink: