Servo Dynamixel XL-320


For quite a long time now i'm struggling to use a dynamixel XL-320 with an arduino both write and read.

I recently bought the SN74LS241N chip to perform the "half duplex uart" assembly and tried to connect it to the wizard 2.0(Wizard 2.0) but it has failed for the moment.


Has anyone ever managed to connect to this wizard with an XL-320?

Could you share me some very simple code that works so that I can get it to work?


Bad practice to power a 1.1Amp (stall) servo motor from a <450mA Arduino 5volt pin.

Yes, true !

But I have already tried to feed the servo directly with the battery below (6V). (Therefore connect the ground together and use the "+" of the battery directly on the servo). But I had the same result ...


The servo led lights up for 1 second when it has just been supplied before turning off (and that's normal for this servo apparently).

If I use the arduino's 5v, it's because I saw that for the tests of this servo, a lot of people were satisfied with it. It uses 1.1A in load but only 0.18 without. On the other hand, the technical sheet recommends 6 to 8.4 V (this is mainly why I tried with the 6V battery). I will try to go up to 8V to check that it does not come from there. I haven't tried that yet.

Thank you for the answer.