Servo.h and VNH5019 Motor Shield no 20kHz driving


I’d like to run a brushless motor controller using the servo.h and the VNH5019 Motor driver at the same time. I learned that both libraries use the same timer1 on the Duemilanove/One.
So I decided to use the mega 2560 as the servo.h uses timer5.
Now it works but the DC motors are beeping. Seems like the timer is not set correctly.
I now found that pin 9 and 10 is driven by Timer2 which is a 8bit one. =(
Now I’ve a nice mega board with a lot of 16bit timers and have to use the 8bit one.
Does anyone know how I could use a 16bit timer instead?
The VNH5019 documentation says that I can’t remap the pwm pins…

The mapping from timers to pins is hardwired in the ATmega microcontrollers alas.

Can the VNH5019 driver not be rewritten to use timer2?

I guess it alrady uses Timer 2 as the shield has the wires to the same pins and these pins are with timer 2 on the mega. Afaik timer2 can't be set to 20kHz as they are very proud at pololu that they use the 16bit timer 1 for the high 20kHz. Maybe I should try to configure timer 2 for higher frequencies?

Is also thought about programming the servo by myself instead of using the servo lib so that I could use my old Duemilanove (which works fine with 20kHz) instead of my brand new mega. :~ I could then map the speed of the brushless controller from 0 to 100 instead of the servo angle.