Servo interferes with accelerometer signal

I am trying to hook up a servo and accelerometer to an arduino board so that the servo moves as the accelerometer's reading changes (read: pan/tilt mechanism).

The accelerometer outputs the correct data, until I begin to write the data to the servo. When I do this, the data coming from the accelerometer begins to jump around erratically, even when it is resting on a flat surface.

This is the line that is causing the problem:


As soon as I remove or comment out this line, it works normally.

Do any of you know what my problem is? Thanks.

( this is the accelerometer I am using)

Post your code in FULL, and the servo needs have its own 6V power supply. Make sure the grounds are connected (power supply GND to Arduino GND)

I think you are right. The servo was connected to the arduino and I took out my multimeter and it measured a .1V shift every time the servo changed.