Servo jitter (nodemcu)


I try to make a talking sorthing had for my scoutscamp. After some test's it dit work, but after placing everything together (and change the voltage of the servo to 5V) i got servo gitter.

I use a Nodemcu V3 for the controlling. The servo's are on A0,A1,A2 and A3. 5V power on the vin
The servo are connected to the same 5V.

Has someone face the same problem?

First i want to fix it by my own but the camp is close now so i need help from outside.


Servo gitter in action:

The most likely problem is power supply. Servo "jitter" is a common problem when powering the servos from the Arduino 5V. The solution is to power the servos with an extenal supply capable of providing the current that the servos need (about 1A for each micro servo).

Ok, i use max 2 servos on the same time, i use a power bank (5V 1A). Do i need a supply of 5V 4A or 5V 2A?
Can i use a capacitor for this?

Ok, i use max 2 servos on the same time…

Servos are always ‘active’, and can draw max current any time they want to get where they want.
Nothing to do with how you are ‘using’ them.

A powerbank seems a poor choice for servos, since it will turn off (and maybe on) randomly depending on current draw.
Just power the servos with four rechargeable NiMh batteries in series (5-5.5volt).
Or a 5volt >=3Amp mains power supply (assuming 4*650mA stall for four SG90 servos and >=400mA for the NodeMCU).