Servo library error

I am working on a project with 2 servos, but I get an error when compiling. I can’t tell what the error is though.
Here’s the code: (ignore the “motor” parts. this was a separate class I had made, mostly to experiment with classes. they seem to compile fine.)

#include <Servo.h>

motor left(3, 5);
motor right(4, 6);

Servo pan; 
Servo tilt;

void setup() {

void loop() {

Here’s the error:
Error compiling

/Applications/ error: two or more data types in declaration of 'timer16_Sequence_t'

Does the error persist if you comment out those two motor lines?

Hmm, no it doesn't if i also comment out the class making part. I guess I was mistaken by thinking that the motor part was unrelated.

Here is the code for the class "motor":

#define FWD true
#define BACK false

class motor  {
  int drivePin;
  int dirPin;
  int rate;    //Speed at which the motor moves (0-256, for pwm)
  boolean logic;     //Direction: true = fwd, false = back

  motor(int enPin, int logPin)  {
    drivePin = enPin;
    dirPin = logPin;
    drive(0, FWD);

  void drive(int pwm, boolean dir)  {
    rate = constrain(pwm, 0, 255);
    logic = dir;

  void drive()  {
    if(logic == true)  {
      digitalWrite(dirPin, HIGH);
    else  {
      digitalWrite(dirPin, LOW);
    analogWrite(drivePin, rate);

  void brake()  {
    drive(0, FWD);

It probably is an error in the making of the class. I'm not too experienced, and I was just seeing if I could make a class. Could have been done w/out, but I was just trying to teach myself. When I compile with the servo parts commented out, it says error: expected initializer before 'left'

One of the hardest to spot errors in a class definition is that the definition MUST end with a ;


Here’s one you can have ;

No charge.

Darn. I sorta saw it coming that it was going to be something like that.

Thanks, though

Nobody here's making fun of you. We've all had code we've showed somebody else, when it wouldn't compile or didn't operate right, and had that person spot the error in less than 10 seconds.

That error is one you look for each time you look at code that someone else asks for help with.

In other words, been there, done that, got the t-shirt, wore it out.