Servo motor amps

I am planning to use 6 servo's and I have found one servo max amp draw to be 1-2 amps(at rated 7 volts). If I use 6 of these servo's on the same power line, does this mean that I need a 12 amp (max) and 7 volt supply or does it mean I need a 2 amp 7 volt power supply for the 6 servos. What would be the best way to do this make this power supply?

I have designs for adjustable regulators to get suitable voltages regulators which can take around and above 1.5 amps, I have a design for a 5 amp positive terminal adjustable regulator and a 10 amp positive terminal adjustable regulator.

If I do need that much current would it be best to make perhaps three 4 amp regulators for 2 servo's each on a power supply line?

If I don't need to increase the current for more servo's then that saves me a lot of effort. I am going to use AA batteries, for convenience, any other ideas please tell me, because I am stuck right now.

P.S. The reason I want to use positive terminal voltage regulators is because I want to be able to vary the voltage. If you feel it is easier with out please tell me, but I do not feel it is ideal. (I also don't want to cause any fires if there is any risk)

Anything will help


You will need enough amps to meet the needs of all the motors at the same time. Lightly loaded motors will draw less current so it is a bit like "how long is a piece of string". The safe option is to use a power supply that can meet the full load of all servos at the same time.

There is no reason not to use (say) 3 x 4-amp power supplies with each powering 2 servos. Just make sure the Ground for each power supply is connected to the Arduino ground.

You could start with one 4-amp power supply and only add the others if necessary if that is an economical option.