Servo motor and wheels


I was looking for a servo motor and its wheel. My objetive is develop a 4x4 car robot with Arduino Due.


The first thing you need to understand is that the most common servo motors only rotate ~180 degrees. You can convert servo motors to continuous 360 degrees rotation or you can buy continuous rotation servo motors.

You can buy wheels specifically designed to fit on a servo or you can buy a generic wheel and figure out how to mount it to the horns that come with most servos.

If you want a pre-made solution, here's one:

You can likely save some money by shopping for the best price on a servo and then finding the best price on a wheel and then figuring out how to connect them together.

Servos don't usually drive wheels. DC motors do. If you Google "arduino 4WD robot" you'll see what people are using. Then you can buy the right thing.

Though a Due is probably overkill unless it's a very complex project.