Servo motor becomes tight when it is shorted?

I am doing a project with servo, first, it worked very well but after some days it's stopped working(i mean it didn't moved) and after removing the servo from the connection I noticed that the shaft of the servo becomes hard(tight) to move and I also tested with my other new servo and it also didn't work and after removing from the connection I again noticed that shaft of this servo also becomes hard to move than before. Whether these incidents indicate that my servo gets shorted when i connect them with the circuit or it is due to something else ??

That's the normal behaviour of the gear box in a RC servo. If a servo does no more react on a PPM signal you can dissect it and find out what fails, gear box, pot or electronics.

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If none of your servos work then the power supply may be faulty.

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Thanks for the reply, how can i solve that? the servo becomes tight and no longer working(not at all moving according to the command) so it means the servo dead? we can't use it no again?

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I know that this is picky, but servos are not controlled with a PPM signal, rather they use a PWM signal. The confusion arises because in most RC systems the PWM signal for each of the multiple servos is transmitted in a PPM stream

OTOH calling it a PWM signal gets confusing because most people will then expect a duty cycle of 0 - 100% and that the duty cycle is what's important. But in a servo signal it is the actual pulse width that is important and the duty cycle only varies around 5%-10% (and that changes with frequency). So it's a very specialised form of PWM.


Specialised or not it is still PWM and not PPM, not that most users care or need to know

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