servo motor controlled with mouse scroll

i’m programing beginner but i still want to end my stupid project of cheap robot arm, last thing i have to do is “claws” controlled with mouse scroll… please i havent sleeped for 30 hrs and i still cant figure it out its beyond my abbilities
*Note i learn by reading someone’s code cuz i’m to stupid for guides found on internet …

pies.txt (655 Bytes)

Arduino.txt (578 Bytes)

Read the how to use this forum stickies to see how to post code so that everyone can see it. You will get more help that way. Also, there is advice about what information that we need to better help.

        private void Form1_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) 
            writeToPort(new Point(e.X, e.Y));

        public void writeToPort(Point coordinates)
            if (watch.ElapsedMilliseconds > 15)
                watch = Stopwatch.StartNew();

                (180 - coordinates.X / (Size.Width / 180)),
                (coordinates.Y / (Size.Height / 180))));


In whatever language your "pies.txt" is written, figure out where in MouseEventArgs you find the scroll-wheel value and send that as a new field in your "writeToPort" function. In your Arduino sketch, read that third value and use it in your sketch.