Servo motor excursion is less of 180 degrees

Hello everyone!
I am using a mg996r engine and I realized that I bring it from 0 degrees to 180 the excursion is less (I have created a gognometer where to screw in the servo motor).
According to the documentation I think I have to change the values of min and max, but I do not know which values to insert.
Can you help me?
thank you.

I can't see any of your code so I don't know what values you have now. And I don't know what a "gognometer" is, perhaps you mean a goniometer? What range of movement are you getting?

If you are using the Servo library and you just do a plain attach(pin) then it will automatically set the maximum possible range, 544 to 2400.


Most servos turn about 120 to 150 degrees only - the ability to turn a full 180 degrees is
rare and usually reserved for robotics servos, not cheap hobby servos.

I think the OP mean goniometer.