Servo motor helppppp

Hey all! I am new to the forums so hello!

I am working on an kinetic installation piece that will be using servos controlled via Arduino to rotate long rods with LED strips attached to them. The idea is to have a 3 foot rod attached to a servo mounted 6 feet in the air and have that 3 foot rod rotate 360 degrees. It doesnt have to be continuous necessarily, but it needs to be able to rotate fully to the place it started and then go back again.

I havent exactly figured out how much the 36 inch rod is going to weigh but for a general estimate let's say maybe 20oz.

It seems to me like I would need a servo that could provide 720 oz inch of torque to rotate this rod.

I am having a lot of trouble finding something that would work online. Could anyone point me in any direction to get this project off the ground?

If I need to I could shorten the rod I suppose.

Here is a terrible picture of what I want to do so you get the idea visually::

Any insight or second opinions into this would be much appreciated! I've never done anything with servos before but I have been learning the past week and now I am at a standstill until I can figure out what to get to rotate this LED strip rod.

Thank you so much!!


Sounds like way too much torque for any normal hobby servo. You need to redesign
your mechanics to be balanced.

If you can get the load down to an amount that the servo can cope with a Sail Winch servo will give you about 3 full revolutions with position control.

The usual servos only move through about 180 degrees and continuous rotation servos don't have position control.