servo motor is vibrating

hello everyone

I want to use a servo to make a sorter machine and I wanted to test the sketch without the part to recognize the product only the part where the servo is moving. The recognize sketch sorts the products per number. And I left it out and use the random number function to replace that part. and with the number that I receive I used the switch case function and I reffered it to the function to say how many degrees the servo had to rotate. The servo didn’t work, but it only vibrated. I wanted to check it with the serial print and I could see on that that every step was run through.

And the servo is a continious rotation servo from parralax

Hopefully somebody can help me

Thank you

sketch_rgb___servo_______.ino (2.6 KB)

A continuous rotation servo cannot be set to a specific position in degrees. You can only control the speed of rotation. So you may be trying to use the wrong type of servo. Exactly which Parallax servo is it?

But apart from that if it isn't rotating but just vibrating then that is normally a power problem. Please show a diagram of how the servo is connected to the Arduino and what is powering it.


The parallax motor that i'm using is the Continuous Rotation Servo, i can't use a normal servo because the teacher said not to. I'm also not setting specific positions but i'm setting a speed and time to get in a position. I connected the servo on the 5v of the arduino.

sorry I answered late

Power seems very likely then. Page says quite a bit about power supply. What applies to Basic Stamps is similar for Arduinos. Try powering the servo separately with something like 4 x AA batteries, preferably rechargeable.