Servo Motor Problem

Well first off i am new to this,sooo.... i have been working on a project of mine and i have hit a brick wall.
i have two servo motor connect to the uno and a temp and light sensor, so the idea was that the servo motor would move
according to the analog input of the two sensor.But now i cant pin point where the problem lies whether it's in the 9v to 5v voltage regulator(it's supposed to be 10 but i hooked up a 9v battery to it)
or the breadboard etc.
Well i have taken some pictures to help anyone help me
Any help would be great thanks
I've got some photos but i not sure how to insert them?

Try the "Insert Image" button perhaps? They all have mouse-over texts. And the code (use the "Insert code" button).

Typical way to wire a servo. Powering a servo from the arduino usually causes problems.

Maybe you have to many irons in the fire.
Have you been successful getting the servo to run, using the example program?
Slow down, and do one step at a time. When it breaks, back up a step, and re-test the last step. You can narrow it down that way.

OK sorry guys that i am replying so late i was busy
here is the images
!(http://C:/Users/John/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-08-10 16.11.01.jpg)
!(http://C:/Users/John/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-08-10 16.11.31.jpg)
!(http://C:/Users/John/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-08-10 16.11.34.jpg)
!(http://C:/Users/John/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-08-10 16.11.41.jpg)
!(http://C:/Users/John/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-08-10 16.11.47.jpg)
!(http://C:/Users/John/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-08-10 16.11.50.jpg)
!(http://C:/Users/John/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-08-10 16.12.00.jpg)
and the code that i am running is

#include <Servo.h> 
Servo servo1; 
Servo servo2; 
int photoresistorpin = 0;
int temperaturepin = 1;
float temperature;  
int pos1;
int pos2;

void setup()
  pinMode(photoresistorpin, INPUT);
  pinMode(temperaturepin, INPUT);

void loop()
  int lightlevel = analogRead(photoresistorpin); 
  int temperature = analogRead(temperaturepin); 
  temperature = (5.0*temperature*100.0)/1024.0; 
  pos1 = map(lightlevel, 400, 800, 0, 179); 
  pos2 = map(temperature, 20, 35, 0, 179); 

Please tell me if you need anything else

ill try and answer your comments here:

@zoomkat: that is the setup i am running just that the 6v is coming from a 9v voltage regulator
@jackwp: I’ve try to break it down and i have found that the servo did recieve power at one moment(when i manual moved it, it would return to its original position),but the servo did could not receive command from the arduino.
@MarkT: Thanks for the info

So, you are saying you did not get the servo to run, using the example programs?
Example servo,sweep ?
Then we need to be working on that problem first.
Load the example, servo, sweep. Hook up the wires. Put a voltmeter across the power wires of the servo, check the voltage, and watch it as you run the program. Once you are running the example, I need 4 things:

  1. Show us the sketch (the example you are using).
  2. What pin do you have wired to the servo control wire?
  3. Tell us what happens.
  4. Did you say that is a 10 volt servo?

Ok ill do that and tell you the results err went i go get a voltmeter tomorrow?