servo motor problems


I have an Arduino Uno platform and a servomotor TowerPro MG 996R. When i connect arduino via USB, the servomotor is working good with Servo sweep example. But when i connect Arduino via re-charge battery (9.6 V, 1000mA), servomotor working good for 3-4 tours, after that stops. And the Arduino's LED L, RX, TX is blinking. What is the problem?

I tried another smaller Servomotor and is working ok, with USB and Battery.

Any ideas?


Are you powering the servo from the Arduino's 5v pin. You should NOT do that. My guess is the servo is drawing too much current, the Arduino voltage is falling too low causing the Arduino to reset repeatedly.

The smaller servo uses less current so it postpones the time when the problem happens.

If you need to power the servo and the Arduino from the same power supply draw the power for each directly from the battery. However you will inevitably run into problems when the battery runs down.


Thank you very much!!!